Congratulations On Being Considered

For The Deep Game Wall Of Fame! 

Congratulations On Being

Considered For The Deep Game

Wall Of Fame!

If Your Submission Is Accepted,

You Will Receive… 

Your Rightful Place
On The DeepGame
Wall Of Fame

Finally take your place among our most committed and successful Deep Game members, and show the results of your hard work to the world.

If you’d like to visit the Wall of Fame and see the rest of the amazing players you’ll be joining, click here.

Your Own Personalized 
DeepGame Spotlight

Our team will create a completely personalized video that showcases your DeepGame story, as well as your best highlight footage. 

Your video will become a rare source of motivation for other players who are struggling with the Deep Game, and need a role model to look up to.  

Lifetime Access
To The DeepGame
Master’s Circle

This is an extremely private level of membership that is exclusively reserved for Wall of Fame members, and includes a level of access that no outside player will ever unlock.

Details will be revealed
once you are accepted
for the Wall of Fame. 

But There Are 3 Important Rules… 

But There Are
3 Important Rules… 

(We Are Only Accepting Entries That 
Follow All Three Of These Rules)

(We Are Only Accepting
Entries That Follow
All Three Of These Rules)

Rule #1

Script Your

Speak casually, without a script, as though you’re talking to a friend… And don’t worry about making mistakes. Our video team will clean it all up for you afterwards! 

Rule #2

Your Video In
  Horizontal Profile

Think YouTube video, NOT Instagram story. Most players use their computer webcam, or a camera. Only videos that are filmed in horizontal profile will be accepted.

Rule #3

Include Links
To Your Best
Highlight Footage

This is your chance to show you true skills to the world. Be sure to include links to your best highlights on YouTube, Hudl, or any other video platform! Youtube and HUDL Logo

Your Formula For The
Perfect Wall Of Fame Entry: 

  1. Start by telling us your name, what level you play at, your position, and where you’re from.
  2. What frustrations did you have with your game before learning the DeepGame. What was your scoring average / playing time?
  3. What did you experience during the DeepGame course? Did you have any big epiphanies?
  4. What breakthroughs have you experienced in your game since beginning DeepGame?
  5. How do you feel about your future in basketball now that you know how to play the DeepGame?

Think You’ve Got What It Takes?
Here’s What You Don’t Need:  

x You Don’t Need To Be A Superstar x
We are accepting players from all levels of basketball, from the youth leagues to the pros.

x You Don’t Need To Be An Older Player x
We have players of all different ages on our wall of fame — and players as young as 13 years old will be accepted!

x You Don’t Need The Perfect Video! x
Feel free to make mistakes. Our video team will clean them up for you afterwards — they are pros, after all 😉  

All You Need Is Honesty,
Openness, And A Genuine Desire

To Help Inspire Other Players.

Submit Your Spotlight Below,
And Let’s Get Your Name 
On The Wall Of Fame.

I agree to the terms of service. By submitting your DeepGame spotlight, you agree to share your story and your video publicly, to help inspire the rest of our DeepGame members and subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We will reach out to you within 48-72 hours of receiving your submission to let you know if you’ve been accepted!

Yes, we are only accepting players who include highlights from real games.

That’s a secret that we keep for our Wall of Fame members, and is (by far) the highest level of membership we offer here at DeepGame.

So basically… We’ll tell you when you’re accepted 😉

Your final, edited spotlight video will be shared on our Wall of Fame, as well as in email newsletters and on social media.

You don’t need to be an amazing player, but you do need to share a genuine, heartfelt story about your experience with DeepGame that will inspire other players.

If we feel your story will benefit others, you will be accepted.

Of course! We have multiple female players on our Wall of Fame, and they can run circles around many of our male players 😉

Absolutely. You will be able to apply as many times as you need to. And, if you’re close, our team will reach out to you and coach you on how to fix your submission so that you are accepted.