The Most Dominant Players
In Basketball History All Knew

How To Play The Deep Game

Finally, The Rules Of That Game Are Being Revealed…

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“Best hour of basketball learning of my life.”
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“No Wonder They
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They Were Playing A Different Game!”

You’re Finally About To Learn
The 8 Unbreakable Rules Laws Of

The Deep Game:

LAW #1:

The Law of Presence

How to play with the calm, poise, and razor-sharp focus of a world-class floor general — and, finally break out of the prison of mental chatter, nervousness, and hesitation… Once and for all.

LAW #2:

The Law of Reverse Effort

How to move with a relaxed, effortless creativity that allows the game to flow naturally through you — without ever needing to force plays and “make” things happen.

LAW #3:

The Law of Extremes

How to develop a mind of steel that is never clouded by frustration, anger, or disappointment — and, gets clearer and even more focused under pressure.

LAW #4:

The Law of Transformation

How to become unshakeable in the face of difficulty — and, develop the ultra-rare ability to turn your toughest challenges into your most explosive performances.

LAW #5:

The Law of Identity

How to walk into every gym with the commanding court presence of a player who is in complete control of his game — and knows it.

LAW #6:

The Law of Magnetism

How to become a “magnet” on the floor — the single, spotlight player your entire team rallies around, and the centerpiece of most possessions.

LAW #7:

The Law of Mastery

How to finally tap into a pure, unchained love for the game that shines through every move you make — and, mesmerizes everyone who watches you play.

LAW #8:

The Law of Transcendence

How to transcend the game of basketball so that everything you experience on the court sparks even more explosive transformation OFF the court — unleashing a blazing new confidence, energy, and discipline in every aspect of your life.

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