Finally Become A Master of

The Deep Game Of Basketball

The Most Dominant Players
In Basketball Have A

…Every time they step
on the court, they are 
two different games at once:

…Every time they step 
on the court, they are playing
two different games at once:

Game #1

The Surface Game:

The Game That Is Played With
Skills & Athleticism.

This is the game of...

The bottom line:

The surface game is everything we can see happening on the floor

Game #2

The Deep Game:

The game that is played with
the mind.

This is the game of...

The bottom line:

The Deep Game is everything we can't see on the floor… Even though we know it's happening

Most players never realize…
The Deep game Controls
The surface game!

The Deep Game
Is NOT basketball IQ!
It's One Step Deeper…

Basketball IQ
is WHAT you see:

The Deep Game
is HOW you see it:

If You Have A High Basketball IQ,
But Can’t Play The Deep Game


You’ll Never Be Able To USE
Your IQ In Real Games,
Where It Counts!

Make No Mistake:
The Deep Game Is A Mandatory
Part Of High-Level Basketball

Make No Mistake:
The Deep Game Is
A Mandatory

Part Of High-Level

If You CAN’T Play
The Deep Game…

Once You’ve Mastered
The Deep Game…

It’s Not Easy…
But ANY Serious Player
(Who Is Willing To Do The Work)
Can Learn The Deep Game

You Don’t Need…

x Exceptional Genetics x
The Deep Game will help you out-maneuver bigger, stronger opponents… Because you spot opportunities long before anyone else, and sneak into open gaps that no other player can see.

x Freaky Athleticism x
The Deep Game will help you overcome a lack of athleticism… Because you are mentally processing the game faster and more accurately than every other player on the floor.

x World-Class Skills x
The Deep Game unlocks the skills that have been “blocked” inside of you… Because you are no longer haunted by hesitation, doubt, and mental chatter.

…All You Need To Do Is Learn
The Rules Of The Game.

In DeepGame, We Call These Rules LAWS…  Because Breaking ANY Of Them Will Damage Your Performance —
100% Of The Time

You’ll Learn The 8 Laws
Of The Deep Game In 8 Weeks
Here’s How It Works…

Every Week, You Will:


The Weekly

…that will go deep into one of the 8 Laws, so that you reach complete understanding of the entire Deep Game.

(50 Minutes, Once Per Week)


The Weekly

…that will remove the psychological blocks that have been stopping you from playing the Deep Game at a high level.

(20 Minutes, Once Per Week)


To The Daily

…that will train you to play the Deep Game easily and effortlessly, every time you step on the basketball court.

(20 Minutes Per Day)

Week #1:

The Law of Presence

Performance increases as thought decreases.

Phil Jackson taught all of his championship teams that true talent only appears once you stop “thinking about playing” and simply play.

And, if you ever find yourself “stuck in your head” during games…

Struggling with nervousness, hesitation, and self-doubt…

Worrying about how well you’re playing, or wondering what your coach and teammates are thinking of you…

Then the only way to break out of that mental prison is to become so focused on the game that nothing enters your mind but the game itself.

So, in week #1, we will…

“I’m Finally Playing FREE.”

“It literally changed my life. You release yourself, you let go, you become calm… It brings your natural game out of you, so you can start playing like you’re meant to play… I went to 20 PPG and 4 APG on my pro team here in Germany, and I’m finally playing FREE.”

– Ante Markoc
German League & FIBA 3 x 3 Pro
DeepGame Member

Week #2:

The Law of Reverse Effort

The harder you try to play well, the more difficult
the game becomes.

Have you ever noticed that the harder you try to fall asleep, the more awake you feel?

Or, that the harder you try to remember a word, the more your mind goes blank?

It’s only when you relax your mind that you’re able to drift off to sleep — or, when you forget about trying to remember the word that it finally pops into your head.

Basketball is the same way:

The player who lets go of “trying” to play well and simply allows the game to flow through him is always the player who shines brightest.

So, in week #2, we will…

“I Began To Play Effortlessly
And Got Into The Zone…”

“When I first started I was timid and scared to make mistakes. This helped me become more confident than I’ve ever been. I began to play effortlessly and get in the zone much quicker easier. This season I was selected first team all-state, and won a college scholarship!”

– Caleb Wallis
All-State Point Guard
DeepGame Member

Week #3:

The Law of Extremes

As emotion increases, consistency decreases.

The greatest players in basketball history all have one thing in common:

A ruthless ability to stay calm, focused, and centered — no matter how intense the game becomes.

Fear, frustration, and even excitement don’t phase them.

They simply execute — even when every other player on the floor is losing their cool.

This is the mark of a truly world-class basketball player:

Nobody, and nothing can throw you off your game.

So, in week #3, we will…

“My Scoring Average
Went To 27 PPG!”

“I was an extremely emotional player. I either became fearful, or overconfident, or shut down completely. It wasn’t easy, but I am now composed and focused no matter what happens during the game. My scoring average went to 27 PPG and I’m now playing college basketball!”

– Jackson Kasko
College Basketball Player
DeepGame Member

Week #4:

The Law of Transformation

The player who seeks growth advances faster than
the player who seeks accomplishment.

A reporter once asked Kobe Bryant: “There are players who love to win, and players who hate to lose… Which one are you?”

Kobe replied: “I’m neither. I play to learn.”

Kobe knew that if you’re driven by success, then you’re vulnerable when you fail.

But when you’re driven by growth, nothing can hurt you… Because every outcome makes you stronger.

This is the secret of true Warriorship in basketball.

This is how you become untouchable.

So, in week #4, we will…

“I Just Finished My First
Year Of Pro Basketball!”

“I used to look at bad games as a failure until I realized they are nothing more than an opportunity to grow. With all that pressure off my shoulders, I was able to lead the country in 3 point shooting in my senior year, and just finished my first year of professional basketball in Ireland!”

– Julian Marx
Irish League Pro
DeepGame Member

Week #5:

The Law of Identity

The player you believe yourself to be is the player
you will see.

Why do the greatest players in basketball develop “Alter-Egos” for themselves?

Why did Kobe Bryant create “The Black Mamba”?

Why did LeBron James start calling himself “The King”?

Why did Michael Jordan become “The Black Cat”?


Instead of hoping that the best version of themselves would magically “show up” when the game began…

…They designed the best version of themselves — and mentally turned into that player before every game, like a Superhero who puts on a cape before going to battle.

This psychological “hack” is the fastest way to completely shed all of your personal worries, fears, and limitations…

…And, to make sure the most powerful version of you shows up, every single time you play.

So, in week #5, we will…

“I Felt Like No One Could
Stop Me… I Felt Fearless!”

“I play with a certain confidence and poise that I didn’t have before… I feel fearless. Last year I was #18 in my state in scoring, averaged 23 PPG, and broke our school scoring record. I felt like no one could stop me, and the confidence really showed. The program has changed my life.”

– Enrique Ramos
College Basketball Player
DeepGame Member

Week #6:

The Law of Magnetism

The game comes to the player who does not try to pull the game towards himself. 

Have you ever tried so hard to make someone like you that it pushed them away? 

The same thing happens in basketball: 

The more you try to control the game and “pull” it towards yourself, the more the game pulls away from you.

Your teammates stop passing you the ball… Your coach stops giving you looks, opportunities, and playing time… And, worst of all, your team stops trusting you on the floor. 

But — when you finally let go and allow the game to come to you…

…You become magnetic on the floor:

Wide open opportunities begin to appear in front of you… 

The ball begins to find you — naturally, without you needing to “chase” it… 

And, your team finally begins to rally around you — turning you into irreplaceable leader on your team.

So, in week #6, we will…

“I Made All-State And
Averaged 24 PPG!”

“I was a very shy player, barely saying or putting in a word. The program made me a whole new player. I wasn’t scared anymore and became a true leader for my team. This season I made All State, and averaged 24 PPG.”

– Brennan Watkins
All State High School PG
DeepGame Member

Week #7:

The Law of Mastery

The game rewards the player who needs no reward
other than the game itself.

Bottom line:

To play for the love of the game means to play for the sake of the game itself — not the rewards and recognition you receive for playing the game.

And here’s the trick:

When your love for the game becomes stronger than your desire for rewards and recognition…

The rewards and recognition come to you faster than ever before, because you are no longer burdened by the weight of “trying” to get those rewards.

After all…

For the true Master, the game IS the reward.

So, in week #7, we will…

“I Got Back The Love Of The Game
I Had When I First Picked Up A Ball.”

“I wanted to succeed so bad I put myself through hell. There were days I wondered if I would be happier if I quit and gave up. With your program, I became more confident, and got back that pure love of the game I had when I first picked up a ball. I was named All-State, and just signed to play college basketball next year!”

– Ryan Davis
Player of the Year, Austin TX
College Basketball Player
DeepGame Member

Week #8:

The Law of Transcendence

Basketball is NOT life; it is a teacher of life.

Let’s be honest:

Only players of the highest calibre will commit to this Law — and most will ignore it entirely.

After all:

Utilizing what you’ve learned from basketball to become the most powerful version of yourself — both on, and off the court — is far more difficult than any drill, workout, or game you will ever play.

But, if you have what it takes to commit this Law to heart…

Not only will you become the player you are meant to be — but, more importantly…

You will finally become the person you are meant to be.

So, in week #8, we will…

“I Was Accepted Into Stanford And
Continue To Apply These Principles”

“This was the turning point for me not just as a basketball player but as a human being. I channeled all the principles into my academic life, and graduated with a 4.8 GPA. I started a non-profit venture that was internationally recognized. I ended up being accepted to Stanford and continue to apply these principles.”

– Gianfranco Filice
Stanford Graduate
Former High School PG
DeepGame Member

“I Was All-State, But What
I REALLY Wanted To Do Was…”

“When I started, I was thinking ‘how can this make me a better basketball player.’ And it did that. I was All State, and top shooter in the state… But what I really wanted to do was be an Entrepreneur. I’m now 20 years old and my business will do $1MM in sales this year. This is only because of the mental foundation I built through DeepGame.”

– Mason Vranes
Founder, Brains LLC
Former All-State SG
DeepGame Member

As You Can Probably Tell…
This Is NOT A Program For
“Casual” Basketball Players

It will shake the foundation of everything you thought you knew about the game of basketball…

It will shatter the small, limiting beliefs that have trapped you at a level of performance far lower than what you’re truly capable of…

It will shock you into realizing how good you really CAN be in this game, once you start tapping into your full power as a basketball player…

And, finally…

…It Will Re-Build You Into

The Player You’ve Always Known
You’re Meant To Be:

…And, most importantly:

Do Not Let Your Limitless
Potential Go Unrealized.

The Basketball Life You’ve
Always Dreamed Of
IS Possible. It Is Real.
It Is Yours.

Before We Begin,
We Must Come To
3 Critical Agreements:

The Completion

I agree to complete all 8 weeks of the program. I understand Deep Game will be difficult — but I will push through the challenge to realize my full potential in basketball.

(Please check box to confirm angreement)

The Training

I agree to continue training my Surface Game throughout the program, because I know that Deep Game is most powerful when combined with a strong fundamental skill set.

(Please check box to confirm angreement)

The Transcendence

I agree to utilize The Deep Game beyond basketball. I fully commit to using my transformation in basketball to fuel transformation in every aspect of my life.

(Please check box to confirm angreement)

Well Done…
And Welcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Once per week, you will log into our online training portal and watch one 45-60 minute video, and perform one 15 minute exercise.

You will also listen to a 20 minute “audio workout” every day throughout the 8 week program, that will install each of the 8 Laws deep into your mind, so that they become automatic during games.

All you need is a computer (or tablet, or phone), and some headphones to listen to the audio workouts. You don’t need access to a gym, and all of the sessions can be done at home.

Most players experience noticeable (and often very dramatic) increases in every skill in your game, without any additional skill training.

This is because we are removing the psychological blocks that have been restricting the full force of your skill set to shine through.

Once these blocks are removed, many players also experience significantly faster results from the training they are already doing.

Yes, learning the DeepGame is fundamental to basketball, no matter what level you play at right now.

Many of our players use DeepGame to overcome a lack of athleticism, and also report significant increases in their skills.

The entire DeepGame curriculum is taught from the perspective of a player — which is what makes it so valuable for coaches.

By going through the DeepGame curriculum, coaches will be given a model they can then teach to their players — as well as a series of cutting-edge mental, emotional, and psychological exercises to use with their teams.

In short, DeepGame is extremely valuable for coaches… And, when an entire team uses DeepGame, they become a force to be reckoned with.

Yes, we always offer a full 1-year money-back guarantee with every order. We have offered this refund policy for close to 10 years now, and will honour it 100% of the time — so you can feel completely safe and secure as you place your order.