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“I’m Finally Playing FREE.”

“It literally changed my life. You release yourself, you let go, you become calm… It brings your natural game out of you, so you can start playing like you’re meant to play… I went to 20 PPG and 4 APG on my pro team here in Germany, and I’m finally playing FREE.”

– Ante Markoc
German League & FIBA 3 x 3 Pro
DeepGame BETA Tester

“I Began To Play Effortlessly
And Got Into The Zone…”

“When I first started I was timid and scared to make mistakes. This helped me become more confident than I’ve ever been. I began to play effortlessly and get in the zone much quicker easier. This season I was selected first team all-state, and won a college scholarship!”

– Caleb Wallis
All-State Point Guard
DeepGame BETA Tester

“My Scoring Average
Went To 27 PPG!”

“I was an extremely emotional player. I either became fearful, or overconfident, or shut down completely. It wasn’t easy, but I am now composed and focused no matter what happens during the game. My scoring average went to 27 PPG and I’m now playing college basketball!”

– Jackson Kasko
College Basketball Player
DeepGame BETA Tester

“I Just Finished My First
Year Of Pro Basketball!”

“I used to look at bad games as a failure until I realized they are nothing more than an opportunity to grow. With all that pressure off my shoulders, I was able to lead the country in 3 point shooting in my senior year, and just finished my first year of professional basketball in Ireland!”

– Julian Marx
Irish League Pro
DeepGame BETA Tester

“I Felt Like No One Could
Stop Me… I Felt Fearless!”

“I play with a certain confidence and poise that I didn’t have before… I feel fearless. Last year I was #18 in my state in scoring, averaged 23 PPG, and broke our school scoring record. I felt like no one could stop me, and the confidence really showed. The program has changed my life.”

– Enrique Ramos
College Basketball Player
DeepGame BETA Tester

“I Was Accepted Into Stanford And
Continue To Apply These Principles”

“This was the turning point for me not just as a basketball player but as a human being. I channeled all the principles into my academic life, and graduated with a 4.8 GPA. I started a non-profit venture that was internationally recognized. I ended up being accepted to Stanford and continue to apply these principles.”

– Gianfranco Filice
Stanford Graduate
Former High School PG
DeepGame BETA Tester

“I Was All-State, But What
I REALLY Wanted To Do Was…”

“When I started, I was thinking ‘how can this make me a better basketball player.’ And it did that. I was All State, and top shooter in the state… But what I really wanted to do was be an Entrepreneur. I’m now 20 years old and my business will do $1MM in sales this year. This is only because of the mental foundation I built through DeepGame.”

– Mason Vranes
Founder, Brains LLC
Former All-State SG
DeepGame BETA Tester

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